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Make your professional portfolio stand out

By CONNIE FOSSI If you are looking for a job in the journalism field and want to make a good impression, cuttings.me can help you with this. In this website, journalists, bloggers and even freelance writers can create a professional … Continue reading

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Company culture is a difference maker in news business

By SAIRA SUMBAL Company culture: It’s the shared behavior of individuals who work in a company or organization, and the meaning they attach to the work that they do. Your company culture is important because it is precisely what defines … Continue reading

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Machines are coming and they want your job

By RACHEL JANOSEC More and more, it is evident that machines want our jobs and human workers can easily be replaced.  No one is safe anymore from these robots and machines that are speeding ahead technologically. Even if you have … Continue reading

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Portfolios serves as tool for journalists organizing their work

By NICKY DIAZ As a journalist, I know how stressful it can be to gather up clips before an interview. Most of the time, it’s honestly a mission to find which articles I want to use. But, of course, the … Continue reading

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Jeff Jarvis: Journalist turned blogger offers BuzzMachine

By CAMRON GHORBI More and more in today’s tech-infused journalism world, writers strictly attached to newspapers are forced to take up technology to supplement their talents. Writers everywhere have Twitter feeds, blogs on newspaper websites, YouTube streams and every other possible … Continue reading

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Networking through Media Bistro

In most professions, networking is increasingly becoming a critical factor to success (think: Twitter). While it may be cliché to say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” denying the truth in that statement might set you back. … Continue reading

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Stuff that journalists like

Journalists come from all walks of life and no two stories are identical. We all have our own reasons for wanting to be journalists and for the most part we all have a picture in our mind of where we’d … Continue reading

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Gmail offers desktop notification feature

While many people find the constant nagging of e-mails, text messages and chats overbearing at times, there’s no denying that if you’re a journalist, being reachable is crucial. Whether it’s your boss, a source, or an editor that is trying … Continue reading

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Is there a future for Wikipedia in journalism?

Throughout my academic and professional career, information gathering has been a critical part of everything I do. As students, we’re often told early on in any assignment that Wikipedia is not considered a valid source. As journalists, citing Wikipedia is … Continue reading

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GlobalPost: Jobs abroad and international news

By ALEX FRUIN Journalists who aspire to report internationally no longer have to wait for years to get their global debut. While newspapers, television networks and other multimedia outlets have international correspondents across the world, they’re also becoming increasingly reliant … Continue reading

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Sports photography: from camera to cover

By IKU KAWACHI Avid fans of sports often have beat writers, columnists and even bloggers who they follow on a regular basis, or whose articles to which they have taken a particular liking. It’s safe to say, though, that the … Continue reading

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The future? What’s next if print is dying?

By ROBBIE SHIVER In a class yesterday, a teacher essentially told me that studying print journalism was a waste of my time. While he made some valid, yet obvious, points about how print is gone, he failed to see many … Continue reading

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Shift in journalism and citizen reporting

By ABIGAIL L. GARNER As graduation nears and I scour the job market, it has become apparent to me that there is a big shift in journalism. It seems that since there are becoming more ways for citizens to become … Continue reading

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Looking for a journalism internship?

By ALEX FRUIN It’s that time of year again. Since it’s only October, it’s hard to believe that companies are already scouting for interns (or, for those of us who are college seniors and beyond, new employees), but the truth … Continue reading

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