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POPVOX helps journalists find bills before Congress

By EMMA REYES Constituent communications can be challenging information to gather because of the complex language used for bills in Congress and the amount of material each bill has, but POPVOX brings the information clear and at once. POPVOX is … Continue reading

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Help a Reporter Out site finds news sources for reporters

By EMMA REYES It’s that time again – deadline is around the corner and you don’t have enough good sources for your story. You don’t have the time to go out and find the right person for the right comment … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

By MARISA HIVNER By now, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the 16th most downloaded song (currently) on iTunes, “Friday” by Rebecca Black. After going viral on YouTube with over 48 million views, Black has supplied pop culture with an … Continue reading

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Gmail offers desktop notification feature

While many people find the constant nagging of e-mails, text messages and chats overbearing at times, there’s no denying that if you’re a journalist, being reachable is crucial. Whether it’s your boss, a source, or an editor that is trying … Continue reading

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Rounding up the most popular Web browsers

By IKU KAWACHI Many of us probably use the default Web browser that comes installed with our computers’ operating systems — whether it be Windows Internet Explorer or Apple Safari — with nary a second thought. Indeed, one monthly study by … Continue reading

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E-mail is taken for granted

By ROBBIE SHIVER During our class discussions of the pros and cons of e-mail as a reporting tool for journalists, I took for granted that in America we all have e-mail accounts that we can use at will. E-mail is … Continue reading

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