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Be fabulous with everyday design at fab.com

By CONNIE FOSSI Captain America pet costumes, cupcake-shaped candles, and chairs with Angelina Jolie’s face are just part of the few original designs you can find at Fab.com. From the most trendy outfits to the latest electronics, this website offers … Continue reading

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LOOKBOOK.nu creates forum for fashion lovers

By NICKY DIAZ Many fashion lovers and critics browse the Internet to keep up with the latest trends, find inspiration for a new look or search for their favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbells. But what if there was a site … Continue reading

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Attention shoppers: Sale at Ideeli.com

By MARISA HIVNER We always see those commercials on television for Marshall’s, where you can get department store brands at a great low price. But do you ever wish you could get something with a bit more quality for the … Continue reading

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An online fashion revolution brought to you by Google

By KYLI SINGH Can a computer really acquire a sense of style? For those of you that are interested in fashion journalism, pay attention to this. Last week in New York, Google launched Boutiques.com, the latest Web site that involves … Continue reading

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Finding a ‘professional look’ for journalists

By ALEXANDER B. PEARCE AUTHOR’S NOTE: This blog entry is written solely with male journalists in mind. As a young man, I find myself completely unqualified to give any advice to female journalists about how to dress. While broadcast journalists … Continue reading

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Polyvore allows for fashion creativity

By KYLI SINGH Interested in becoming a fashion writer, critic, or reporter? How about discovering the latest fashion trends and creating your own styles? Polyvore is definitely the Web site for you to check out. This site is redefining how … Continue reading

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