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Google launches crisis map for Hurricane Sandy

By ANDRES CORREA The destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy has been so devastating that it has dominated the news cycles all week, even though we are less than a week away from a general presidential election. Rightfully so, there has … Continue reading

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Data reporting within your comfort zone

By MIRAISY RODRIGUEZ Hearing about the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting’s use of free applications like Tableau Public sent me on the search for its competitors. It turns out young journalists may be able to create visualizations for their data … Continue reading

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NewsPageDesigner allows designers to share work online

By BOLTON LANCASTER In a time where newspaper circulations are dwindling, journalists are being asked to perform duties that include more than just reporting and writing. They are often asked to edit, develop multimedia components, be efficient with online publishing, … Continue reading

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Be fabulous with everyday design at fab.com

By CONNIE FOSSI Captain America pet costumes, cupcake-shaped candles, and chairs with Angelina Jolie’s face are just part of the few original designs you can find at Fab.com. From the most trendy outfits to the latest electronics, this website offers … Continue reading

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Free Tableau software creates interactive data visualisations

By MIRAISY RODRIGUEZ While browsing the Internet for data heavy stories, journalism students are sure to run into the Guardian’s Datablog, where everything from the U.S. debt to infant mortality rates is being analyzed. The detail oriented students will soon realize … Continue reading

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Published images of Muhammad raise ethical questions

By RACHEL JANOSEC Ethical issues fill the journalistic world around us. One of the recurring issues is deciding whether to publish an article/picture or not. As a journalist, it is your job to report the news to the public. But, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS — the tool to map out your story

By EMMA REYES Every journalist wants to write the best story he or she could possibly write and finding new ways of gathering information to enrich news stories got easier with ArcGIS. ArcGIS is a Web-based system that offers large … Continue reading

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No Photoshop? Use PicMonkey online photo editor

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ As a journalist, there may be pictures that you are dying to select to accompany the best article you have written in your life in your professional life. But it turns out that you don’t have Photoshop … Continue reading

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Photo blogging showcases visual talents

By ALISON AGUDO Many people have blogs – or at least have started a blog at one point or another – but what about photo blogging? In journalism, images can be equally (if not more) powerful than words themselves and … Continue reading

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Sports photography: from camera to cover

By IKU KAWACHI Avid fans of sports often have beat writers, columnists and even bloggers who they follow on a regular basis, or whose articles to which they have taken a particular liking. It’s safe to say, though, that the … Continue reading

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Learning new tools: A look into Flash and InDesign

By REBECCA LATTANZIO With journalism ever changing and becoming more and more competitive, every aspiring journalist must have an edge. One of my first professors at UM told the story of how her son, a journalism major, came out of … Continue reading

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Online tools offer help for Web page designers

By IKU KAWACHI Most of us who have never had the opportunity to delve in multimedia design — either for the Web or for print — have never had to worry about fonts, margins, “Web-safe” color palettes and Cascading Style … Continue reading

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Making news stories visually pleasing for the Internet

By ABIGAIL L. GARNER In today’s ever-changing world of technology, simply having the words on the page and a story is not enough. It is important to learn about Web design and making your work visually pleasing to your audience … Continue reading

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News design and layout sites offer much

By KELLY BURNS As someone who has always had an interest in design, but never had the natural eye for it, I enjoy reading about and mulling over magazine and newspaper designs. While I have heard many people say “there’s … Continue reading

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