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There are no promises when you go digital

By SAIRA SUMBAL What does a business model look like for a company with more than 800 digital and print products in 18 states serving 57 million customers per month? In April, I gave a presentation on a news company … Continue reading

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Seven laws of journalism we should know…

By RACHEL JANOSEC I was searching across the Internet for recent news on journalism and journalists and came upon an article about the laws of journalism and found it very interesting. The article discussed seven laws that journalists must know … Continue reading

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Lynda.com offers easy ways to learn multimedia skills

By CONNIE FOSSI I was working on a multimedia project for class in Final Cut Pro., the video quality was very poor and I needed to fix it. Lynda.com became the solution of my problem. With just a five-minute video … Continue reading

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Smart phone now a necessary tool for journalists

By NICHOLAS MOORE Something tells me it is only a matter of a couple years before cell phones that aren’t smart phones will be obsolete — I honestly think this is almost true within journalism today. My girlfriend just found … Continue reading

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How much do newsrooms focus business model on innovation?

By SAIRA SUMBAL Let’s say you’re the president of a newspaper organization that was one of the newspapers that survived going digital. In the recent years, you have firsthand seen newspapers go out of business because they didn’t change their … Continue reading

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Independent journalist offers tips, guides, links

By MIRAISY RODRIGUEZ Robert Niles, who among other things, won the Online News Association’s 2001 award in the Online Service Journalism category for independent journalists, maintains a website with very useful links or journalists conducting online research. With categories ranging … Continue reading

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Israel, Hamas take their latest conflict online

By: MELISSA CASTILLO Battlegrounds became virtual with the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas militants when they exchanged heated tweets in order to sway public perception. It was on Wednesday of last week that Israeli defenses announced a “widespread campaign on … Continue reading

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Kickstarter helps journalists fund reporting projects

By BOLTON LANCASTER One of the problems that people run into when they are trying to work on a creative project is that they often do not have the necessary funding to start. The website Kickstarter helps with this problem … Continue reading

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Remember the Milk helps get things done

By EMMA REYES Journalists juggle with a lot of tasks and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them, from making calls and writing e-mails to different sources, getting to the next location to make an interview and making deadlines. … Continue reading

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CareZone offers health-related social media site

By RACHEL JANOSEC Social media have officially taken over and everyone seems to be aware of this. Social media should be about just connecting with loved ones and friends from the past and seeing what your friends are up too, … Continue reading

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Make your professional portfolio stand out

By CONNIE FOSSI If you are looking for a job in the journalism field and want to make a good impression, cuttings.me can help you with this. In this website, journalists, bloggers and even freelance writers can create a professional … Continue reading

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Rules change for journalists as social media evolves

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS Browsing through the Internet this afternoon, I came across a very interesting article discussing the relationship between social media and journalists. The article titled “Social Media Etiquette for Journalists: The Rules Have Changed,” drove home a very important … Continue reading

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Google Flu Trends can predict outbreaks through social media

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ There are a few things about me I don’t mention to people I meet. But I graduated as a dental assistant when I was in high school. During clinicals, I worked as a dental assistant to University … Continue reading

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SkewedNewsTutor helps viewers identify bias in the news

By ANDRES CORREA “Six of 10 Americans believe that news reporting is biased.” This statistic, from a Gallup poll, is the reason that Colleen Bradford Krantz created SkewedNewsTutor. The objective of the newly launched site is to target young people … Continue reading

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