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What young journalists can learn from ‘All the President’s Men’

By SAIRA SUMBAL A movie that every American and, better yet, every journalist, should see: “All the President’s Men.” The 1976 movie was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best picture, and won two. And aside from Bob Woodward’s suave haircut (played … Continue reading

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FindLaw.com: Everything you need to know about legal matters

By CONNIE FOSSI Legal issues can be difficult to understand, but the situation gets easier if you access Findlaw.com, a unique and useful resource for journalists and people who are interested in legal matters. This legal-based website offers a variety … Continue reading

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Project Censored uncovers stories that don’t make the news

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ As journalists, we know that we have to stay as current as we can when it comes to news around the world.  We have to choose what would make the biggest impact, what wouldn’t conflict with advertisers, … Continue reading

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California court rules free Internet porn legal

By MARISA HIVNER Oh, February, the month of love; it’s the time of the year where girls just want to be romanced and boys are thinking about what’s in their pants. And on that inappropriate note, let’s talk about a … Continue reading

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Law for dummies: A necessary source for journalists

By ALEX FRUIN Whether you’re covering a murder case, a Ponzi scheme, or even a seemingly simple town hall meeting, if you’re a journalist, you’re going to come in contact with the law. Though a number of courses that deal … Continue reading

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Writing about law and the legal system

By KELLY BURNS How much do you know about the legal system in our country?  As college journalists, many of us have taken only one or two law classes and even with the knowledge those classes have given us, many … Continue reading

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