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Malala’s story comes to the world with advances in technology

By MELISSA CASTILLO If it weren’t for the technology advances in journalism would we know of Malala Yousafzai? Would we be able to almost connect with her by watching her speak with such passion about her outrage towards the Taliban’s … Continue reading

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CitizenTube a resourceful hub for breaking news

By SPENCER DANDES There are three main events on CitizenTube’s “featured playlist” this afternoon: a typhoon in Japan, a plane crash that killed 19 in Nepal, and the biennial Ryder Cup. Videos are posted at mind-boggling frequency with updates on … Continue reading

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IntoNow: What’s on TV?

By JOE CERVONE Remember when the smartphone application Shazam made identifying song names so easy? The new application IntoNow is now TV’s version, providing the show and the specific episode being broadcast, all while incorporating social media platforms to the … Continue reading

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Hulu.com Plus: New age of fast, convenient, quality media

By JAMIE N. STEPHENS Officially launched for the new price of $7.99/month, Hulu.com Plus claims to “give viewers exclusive access to every episode, all season long, of Glee, Modern Family, House, and dozens of other popular shows — some featuring … Continue reading

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Bubba the Love Sponge Show: A new way to get your news

By MARISA HIVNER Let’s face it, the news just isn’t attractive. People today want to be entertained and news is far from entertaining, it’s boring. Fortunately for the working-class males of Florida with an obscene and inappropriate sense of humor, … Continue reading

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C-SPAN: Political resources online

By DEBORA RUBI The C-SPAN site (http://www.c-span.org/) has many resources important for news reporters covering the political processes of the United States. The site’s main function is to stream the sessions of the U.S. Congress, as the Senate and House … Continue reading

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Trauma journalism requires sensitivity, judgment

By ROBBIE SHIVER With the recent tragedy occurring right here on the campus of University of Miami, I think it’s important to talk about one of the toughest jobs a journalist has to do: reporting a tragedy. The job is … Continue reading

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Frontline demonstrates compelling journalism

By KYLI SINGH What defines thought-provoking and investigative journalism? Take a look at Frontline’s Web site. According to Newsday, Frontline is “television’s last full serious bastion of journalism.” If you haven’t heard of Frontline, it is a public affairs television program … Continue reading

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Get the latest entertainment news at Variety.com

By KYLI SINGH Interested in entertainment journalism? Definitely take a look at Variety.com. I was recently browsing the Web and came across Variety, an American weekly entertainment magazine. The magazine and its Web site has broad coverage of movies, television, … Continue reading

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Williams case fallout: Opinions could be hard to come by

By ROBBIE SHIVER The story that has been all over the news in recent days is the National Public Radio firing of journalist Juan Williams for his comments made about Muslims on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly. Williams said … Continue reading

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