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Social media opens conflict in Gaza to world

By ANDRES CORREA The common theme of this blog is the impressive pace in which everything seems to be advancing in the world of journalism. This is due to a daily avalanche of new online resources and innovations, specifically in … Continue reading

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Twitter can make difference in journalist’s career

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS I never realized how much Tweeting can impact your journalism career until I experienced it first hand – on Black Friday. As everyone was talking over turkey, cornbread and mashed potatoes with family and friends, I … Continue reading

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How much do newsrooms focus business model on innovation?

By SAIRA SUMBAL Let’s say you’re the president of a newspaper organization that was one of the newspapers that survived going digital. In the recent years, you have firsthand seen newspapers go out of business because they didn’t change their … Continue reading

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Rules change for journalists as social media evolves

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS Browsing through the Internet this afternoon, I came across a very interesting article discussing the relationship between social media and journalists. The article titled “Social Media Etiquette for Journalists: The Rules Have Changed,” drove home a very important … Continue reading

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Bitly.com offers easy ways to manage hyperlinks

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS In the past, people had to save their hyperlinks on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or with e-mail. But now with technology continuously evolving and advancing, organizing your links is easy – especially with Bitly.com. Bitly.com allows … Continue reading

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App allows journalists to upload edited videos to social media

By NICKY DIAZ Through some research, I found yet another app this week that could prove to be useful for journalists. While I was covering Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s visit to UM last week, I took a few pictures … Continue reading

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Social media usage skyrockets during Hurricane Sandy

By RACHEL JANOSEC In crisis, reports show that social media usage increases.  Public officials and celebrities embraced social media during Hurricane Sandy during the past week.  They turned to sites like Facebook, Instagram and, especially, Twitter to report major news … Continue reading

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Two truths and a lie during Hurricane Sandy

By MELISSA CASTILLO Hurricane Sandy served to be a perfect example for the power of social media. According to CBS, there were three and a half million tweets with the tag #Sandy and 10 photos of the hurricane posted on … Continue reading

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United Nations releases report addressing Internet surveillance

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS As I was browsing through the Internet this afternoon, I came across an article that explains why the United Nations wants to crack down on Internet surveillance. Apparently terrorists are using social networks and open networks that … Continue reading

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Storify can help keep your reader interested

By EMMA REYES Storytelling can sometimes be a little boring if it’s not supported with the right elements and, in journalism, a writer has to keep the reader interested. Putting together a story involves a lot more than just writing. … Continue reading

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Twitter provides intriguing insight Into nation’s political psyche

By ROBERT PURSELL The presidential debates that have occurred during the past month have tackled many hard issues. Foreign policy, national debt, equal rights: all of these topics have been discussed. But if you looked at Twitter, you might find … Continue reading

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Reporters: Can the cold tweet be the new cold call?

By SAIRA SUMBAL I used to have a straight shoot way of how I like to approach sources: e-mail. And depending on how close my deadline was, I would either make a call or go to the person’s office directly. … Continue reading

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Social media should not diminish the value of journalism

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS Since the beginning of its existence, the Internet has been infamous for giving its users what they want – news, shopping, recipes, gossip and social media – in an instant. Journalists have also taken advantage of … Continue reading

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Facebook launches page for journalists

By ALISON AGUDO Facebook recently launched a Journalists on Facebook page in an effort to increase the professional presence of journalists on the social media site. Perhaps a result of Facebook competitor Twitter’s success in connecting people professionally, Facebook is … Continue reading

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