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Seven laws of journalism we should know…

By RACHEL JANOSEC I was searching across the Internet for recent news on journalism and journalists and came upon an article about the laws of journalism and found it very interesting. The article discussed seven laws that journalists must know … Continue reading

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Run out of ideas? There’s an app for that

By MIRAISY RODRIGUEZ As a joint degree student from the law school, the first lesson I learned when I joined the communication school was that the kind of writing journalists do is completely different from the writing lawyers do. Among … Continue reading

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10 Fast Fingers offers ways to improve your typing

By EMMA REYES Writing a story involves research, sources, and sometimes photos or video, but the most important element for a story involves the skill of the writer’s typing on the keyboard. The writer’s typing speed came from tips or … Continue reading

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What young journalists can learn from ‘All the President’s Men’

By SAIRA SUMBAL A movie that every American and, better yet, every journalist, should see: “All the President’s Men.” The 1976 movie was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including best picture, and won two. And aside from Bob Woodward’s suave haircut (played … Continue reading

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How TED provides depth to a reporter’s story

By SAIRA SUMBAL Your ability to report a story is heavily defined by the type of investment you make in improving your intellect. Yep, I said it, and I probably sounded like a professor you had in college (because I … Continue reading

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Google Translate helps journalists in a globalizing world

By BOLTON LANCASTER In today’s world, news spreads throughout the Internet in a matter of seconds. American news corporations immediately gobbled up news posted from Syria about the rebellion while countries across the globe eagerly waited to hear news about … Continue reading

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AP Stylebook app valuable reference for writers on the go

By SPENCER DANDES The industry standard for style and usage has gone digital. Associated Press editors collaborate annually to update the AP Stylebook and Libel Manual, a journalist’s handiest reference. But rather than carrying a large spiral or paperback book, … Continue reading

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Amazon introduces lending feature for Kindle

By ALISON AGUDO Amazon has introduced something new to its Kindle devices – a lending feature that allows users to loan out supported titles once for a period of 14 days. I personally haven’t used a Kindle because I prefer … Continue reading

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Refreshing your writing skills online

While in school, either undergraduate or graduate level, we are exposed to an array of opportunities and learning experiences through the classes we take, either required or elective. Unfortunately, students in college are not being taught the basics but rather … Continue reading

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Getting into Associated Press style online

By DEBORA RUBI The Economist (http://www.economist.com/research/StyleGuide/)  site provides links to the Associated Press style guide according to the rules followed by the journalists working at the publication. The site is divided by specific sections of do’s and don’ts, titles, hyphens, … Continue reading

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Writing about law and the legal system

By KELLY BURNS How much do you know about the legal system in our country?  As college journalists, many of us have taken only one or two law classes and even with the knowledge those classes have given us, many … Continue reading

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Music reviews: Where to begin

By ALEXANDER B. PEARCE Music reviewing is an area of journalism unlike any other. Most news stories present facts to the public without adding anything in terms of opinion or spin. Even other types of entertainment reviews, like movies and … Continue reading

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Reporter’s Desktop: Writing tools brought together online

By DEBORA RUBI The Reporter’s Desktop (http://www.reporter.org/desktop/) brings together many of the useful functions of the Internet into one simple home page. The page is a quick, streamlined way of searching for information that may be needed for a story. … Continue reading

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Stumble the Web with StumbleUpon

By KYLI SINGH Interested in sharing a Web site you created with others? Or looking for ideas to write about? Or how about browsing the Web to kill time? Take a look StumbleUpon! Founded in 2001 by four post-grad students, … Continue reading

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