India-Pakistan conflict​ heats up


According to CNN news, with the amid rising tensions in the Kashmir region, China could be sucked into an India-Pakistan crisis. 

Pakistan and India’s diplomatic relations has reached their lowest point. Indian military said their air force had let fighter attack a terrorist camp in Pakistan. This is a first incursion by Indian air forces since the India-Pakistan war on 1971.

This conflict happened in the in the Kashmir region that borders China. So, China needs to balance this conflict. China has good relationship with Pakistan on the economic, diplomatic and military. 

At the same time, the trade war made China look for alternative trading partners. China has started rebuilding ties with India. The India Prime Minister Narendra Modi made two visits to China last year. Nowadays, China had called for both Pakistan and India to maintain self-restraint and focus on regional peace and stability.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi asked Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to help them. Wang Yi stressed that “China respected all of the countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, China doesn’t want to see any acts that violate the norms of international relations”

Some experts and university professors are saying China could maintain the balance between these two countries. Pakistan is one of the largest buyers of Beijing’s weapons. And India’s purpose is against terrorists.