Aspiring race drivers in Europe begin their careers with ADAC Formula 4

Posted May 1, 2016


Yannik Brandt, Nicklas Nielsen, Juri Vips, Manuel Correra, Fabio Scherer and Ricardo Feller are some of the new drivers, also known as rookies, who are ready to attend this years racing.

Yannik Brandt, for example is only 15 years old. This is the minimum age that a driver must be by his or her first race, in order to participate in the races of ADAC Formula 4. In total there are around 35 drivers participating in all races each year.

Many drivers, for example such as Fabio Scherer, have started off their racing dreams with sitting in a go kart for a few years, in order to gain more experience of the racing world.

Go karting seems like a fun activity to do for a birthday party or for fun with friends, yet the actual races are very intense.

They are taken very seriously, as just like Formula racing it is an official sport.

One of the many cars in between practices changing tires

One of the many cars in between practices changing tires.

Go karting is less expensive and a good way to get an idea if you want to continue to the bigger cars, which would be Formula 4, for example.

There are go-kart tracks all over the world; however, the most are located in England.

Regarding the racing in Germany, some of the racetracks where the Formula 4 races are held, are similar to those of Formula 1 racing. They are most specifically in Austria such as at the Red Bull Ring and Oschersleben. There is also one race in Zandvoort, Netherlands. But the majorities are held in Germany such as the Lausitzring, Nürburgring, Sachsenring and Hockenheim.

Overall, there are eight races each year.

The race events are held on the weekend, and consist of two 30 minute Training, a 30 minute Qualifying and three 30 minute races.

There are approximately 145,000 Fans who are cheering on their favorite drivers at each event.

Driver in his race outfit, ready to start the weekend of racing

Driver, Yannik Brandt, in his race outfit, ready to start the weekend of racing.

Focusing now towards on specific outfit details of the Formula 4 sport. There are many important aspects to it, such as the outfit a driver must wear, in order to fulfill the rules and regulations, and therefore be allowed to participate in the races.

The racing overall is very important when it comes to racing. It can be self-customized with team names, the drivers name, and the sponsors the driver may have. The thermal underwear is also essential, as it needs to be flame resistant.

The Formula specification underwear is lightweight and thin, but is also soft so it can be worn comfortably under the driving overall.

The race balaclava will be worn underneath the helmet, which should be lightweight and offer breathability and flame-resistance properties.

Next we have the HANS, also known as the Head and Neck support, is a compulsory item when racing, and not just for Formula 4. The likelihood of a head or neck injury in the event of a crash with the help of it is reduced.

The race car itself is made out of composite carbon, has an engine power of 160 PS, weighs approximately 570 kg and has the possibility to reach a top speed of about 210 km/h or 130 mph.

This is very fast, considering the drivers are only 15 years old.

Each team has a distinct car, which their drivers use. This has the number of the driver, the name, the team name, the flag from the country the driver is driving for, and any sponsors the driver may have.

Cars racing on the race track in Oschersleben, Germany

Cars racing on the race track in Oschersleben, Germany

The approximate cost for a race car is $55,000. This is paid by the drivers themselves or their parents.

If they have any sponsors, they can use that money as well. There are no certain rules for sponsors; any companies or organizations can decide to sponsor a driver.

Therefore many drivers have their own website, where they advertise themselves and show an opportunity of how the sponsor could help them, if they get chosen.

The ADAC Formula 4 racing series has begun and it is one step close to building a career, according to Walter Lechner Junior, who is the driving coach and director of Lechner Racing, a team participating in the Formula 4 races this year It may not yet be well known in countries all over the world, however that doesn’t stop the drivers and their team from trying to achieve the best results they can, in order to move up and continue on their career of racing.

Editor’s Note: Yannik Brandt is the author’s younger brother.