135 killed in Yemen by ISIS attack


It just keeps coming. You can never be sure when this Sunni terrorist group will strike again. ISIS was reported to be responsible for the Friday bombing attack that happened in two Shiite mosques in Yemen’s capital.

Killing 135 people and injuring 345, it was said to be the first large-scale attack, planned by ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula country.

Why is it that these types of news articles are not found significant to foreigners and only scare Arabs and get all the media attention from them? Snapchat now uses a CNN app that manages to report any news reports which has kept many people up to date with news, but why not report these types of articles on messages and on social media?

This worries me as an Arab because knowing this means ISIS may strike again, anywhere in the Arab world. Kuwait being a mostly Sunni country can be at risk.

Having to live in threat and not know what may occur is just scary. Reading about this new terrorist attack just raises questions about when will this stop. When will we live in peace in the Middle East?

What about the journalists who cover such stories and reports? What happens to them? Will I, as a future journalist, end up kidnapped and taken away by this group if I speak against their beliefs? What If I am set to report about an attack somewhere in the Middle East, will I be at risk and on the ISIS radar since ISIS is growing bigger than just a terrorist group? Will my career be at risk since journalism requires one to be a risk taker in covering stories like terrorist attacks in the Middle East like ISIS?