58-0: Coach, what have you done?


The University of Miami football team is known for its games, players and big wins. However, everything changed this past Saturday when UM lost 58-0 at home against Clemson. This was not just a regular loss, but probably the most embarrassing in the history of the university.

What happened Canes? What happened Coach Al Golden?

Yes we get it that you are human and make mistakes, but don’t coaches get paid millions to  lead their teams to wins and winning seasons?

It’s okay Golden, we are not judging you as a human, but we sure are judging you as a coach. No, we will not let quarterback Brad Kaaya take all the heavy fault after suffering a head injury in the second quarter, just you, Coach Golden, #getwellKaaya.

Let’s not even mention the pushing during, before and after the game, it says a lot about the U, and the fans’ tweets and comments all over social media don’t help. Don’t believe me?

Check out the words from Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney, all over the Internet. Sigh. So the question is what is next? Are we keeping Al Golden? What are we doing to our players? I guess we will have to wait and see. Oh no, don’t pay attention to the planes and banners with the hashtage #FIREALGOLDEN in the sky, they are just very passionate fans who were ridiculously sad after Miami’s worst loss in the history of the program. And with that, all I can say as a proud cane is #itsallbecauseofGolden.