U.S.-Huawei fight messing with 5G plans


According to CNN, American’s fighting with Huawei is messing with the world’s 5G plans. 5G is a new technology that can bring high internet speed. Especially, it useful on self-driving cars and other high technology area. 

Huawei technology company has already built up such a strong lead in 5G technology. The United States is trying to persuade other countries do not let Huawei equipment and base stations into their countries, because the gear could be used by the Chinese government for spying. Huawei strongly denies the accusations. 

Some top international mobile operator stated that shutting Huawei out of 5G networks countries could have a risk on the undermining their own tech capabilities. Comparing the 4G network, 5G network was faster than 4G as much as 100 times. 

Australia’s government has decided to ban Huawei from providing 5G technology for network. The Vodafone’s (VOD) CEO Nick Read stated that complete ban on all Huawei gear would delay the variability of 5G.The United States and China are all big country in the world. They all have advanced technology, good economy in the world. So, the competition is always existed. If they cooperate each other. The 5G internet will be stronger.