Black History Awareness Month begins


Wednesday marked the beginning of Black History Month. The University of Miami celebrates this month as “Black Awareness Month.”

Black History Month is an annual celebration of black Americans and a time to reflect and recognize all of the achievements African Americans have made in United States history.

This celebratory month was originally known as “Negro History Week” created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson. Starting in 1976, it became a month-long celebration.

United Black Students (UBS) coordinates all of the events for Back Awareness Month under the University of Miami Multicultural Student Affairs. These special events memorialize the historical achievements and contributions of the African Diaspora.

These events range from All Black Lives Matter to Black Artist Showcase, even Throwback Karaoke.

These are fun ways to bring to black community together to commemorate their history and even learn new things they didn’t know before. UM is a very diverse school, however, minorities do appreciate the special events and times that the university hosts for each culture.

Black Awareness Month is not only informative for the black community but also for other cultures to learn about African American greatness.

The last day of Black Awareness Month is February 28 where there will be a closing carnival ending this jubilant month off with a laid back and exciting final community gathering.