Butterfly group fights border wall


The North American Butterfly Association is seeking to block the Trump administration from constructing its border wall through the National Butterfly Center in Southern Texas, pleading to a federal judge that the project interferes with its property rights.

The 100-acre wildlife facility is set the be cut in half by one of the first new wall projects being constructed under President Donald Trump, according to NPR. The project and its related construction, already approved and funded as part of last fiscal year’s budget, would cause “irreparable harm” to the sanctuary, said Marianna Trevino Wright, director of the facility.

“The issue is not whether butterflies can fly over a wall, but whether private property should be seized and destroyed for a project that does not serve the greater good or enhance national security,” the National Butterfly Center posted in a GoFundMe in December.

The case takes place in the midst of a looming national emergency Trump is expected to declare in an effort to finance for his proposed wall. He has met strong opposition to his border security plans in congress, resulting in the longest government shutdown in history last month.

Heavy coverage of both the Congressional standoff and public debate over the U.S.-Mexico border wall has proliferated in the news media as Trump continues to push for its construction. This story is yet another in the line of related stories that shows the intense polarity regarding his plans, now from the perspective of conservationists and private property owners. The Hill calls it “the ugly political reality of the wall: Even if Trump wins wall money in Washington, the administration will still face an array of challenges to getting anything built.”