Cleveland, Golden State ready to play


The much-anticipated arrival of the third consecutive match up between Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors is making NBA Finals history. This match-up is so significant because no two teams have ever made it to three appearances in the Finals back to back to back.

Upon completion of the earlier playoff rounds, the Golden State Warriors turned out 12-0. LeBron and Company finished their series out of the Eastern Conference with a record of 12-1 only losing the one game to the Boston Celtics.

There has been controversy leading up to the opening Finals game to be hosted on June 1 on ABC-TV. The issue focuses on so many different players being hurt throughout the playoff runs during the past two seasons.

Lebron James has just recently passed Michael Jordan on the all-time playoffs scoring list  and is undeniably one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball. Currently James has 5,995 points in total while Jordan is at 5,987. These stats are incredible to accomplish, so the bar is set extremely high for an outstanding performance from the King himself.

With many skeptics thinking that the super teams have had an easy run to the top-seeded spot due to multiple injuries from the contending teams in the respected conferences. Of course, if you’re a fan of the game, then regardless of the conversation about the teams, it is easy to say that we will be enjoying a high-caliber basketball series hosted at the Oracle Arena.