Hackathon focuses on abortion rights


Hackathons are usually held as competitions to see what developers can create the newest and best app, but this weekend it’s a for a much greater cause.

More than 300 developers and activists will come together at the Abortion Access Hackathon. It is a two-day coding marathon in San Francisco that is aiming to find technology-based solutions to support women’s health care providers who fear the new decisions under the Trump Administration.

The organizers of this event have no set game plan, but are thinking of creating an app that educates people on abortion access laws in their state or developing an Uber-like app that will drive women who need it to abortion clinics.

Many abortion providers have financial support, but lack basic operational tools, such as data management and cybersecurity. This event is crucial so to help abortion providers with these issues, but to also shine light on the more relevant issue of Republicans in Congress initiating the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Although this event is only taking place in California, organizers hope the ideas that come out of this event spread across the country, especially to states that have stricter abortion laws.

A number of women’s health blogs and online magazines have covered this event idea in the past week. TIME also wrote an article discussing the importance of this event. It was smart of the Los Angeles Times to write about this event as well, since it is taking place in California. Teen Vogue is trying to get the young adults more active in political issues by publishing an article about this hackathon as well.

I think there was a wide variety of audiences that were reached with all these different publications and all did a great job on getting the public more involved with political matters.