UM probes sorority hazing allegations


The University of Miami’s Delta Gamma Beta Tau chapter was put on cease and desist last week due to hazing allegations. The president of the organization, Emily Gerstein, sent an email out on Feb. 27 to all members saying to cease all meetings, recruitment activities, social functions, educational programs, formals, community service/philanthropy, and involvement in intramurals.

The Miami Hurricane was the first news outlet to report it and the newspaper did not state the right facts. The story first said that videos of DG sisters were sent by Delta Phi Epsilon, a few days after this story appeared, officials from the group’s advisory board denied the allegations.

Abby Washer, Panhellenic president and a former sister of DG, made it clear to them that the cease and desist had nothing to do with videos because deans did not have videos in the first place. Washer also said the Greek community was informed only of “general allegations” against DG.

At first, The Miami Hurricane made assumptions regarding the allegations by not generalizing them, this was only changed due to Washer contacting them.

In the end, the truth is that the deans put the sorority under these guidelines in order to conduct a proper investigation on the matter. Since this was announced other news outlets such as The Miami Herald, Local 10 News, NBC Miami and others have reported on the issue.

Although, the news media have not done a great job reporting the matter because they have made it seem as if the chapter has been “shut down,” which is not the case. The cease and desist just temporarily prohibits the chapter from all activities.

There have been no new updates, but members of the sorority have been very disappointed with the way the matter has been reported due to the lack of facts and respect.