Entertainment coverage is worth effort


I get notified of CNN updates on my phone, and these days, every one of them seems to be about another shooting, fire or train derailment. There’s so much violence and so many serious issues in the news, and obviously this is essential in order to keep the public informed.

But why not also report on the more lighthearted news of the day? Why not give the public a fun read in addition to the serious news being reported?

Take, for example, the recent Miss Universe Pageant. Sure, it may seem unimportant considering all other news, but is there really no point in reporting on such an event? I personally do not think so.

Entertainment reporting is so often viewed as a waste of time and energy, but in the grand scheme of things, entertainment is a huge aspect of most people’s day-to-day lives. So, just as we report on money or health, for example, why not report on this component of our lives?

After a hard day at work, someone may want to come home and read about the latest celebrity gossip to relax. Entertainment news tends to have that effect; it helps people unwind and focus on something that may not be pressing or important, but is no doubt entertaining. Entertainment news is essentially a break for many.

The entertainment industry itself is integral in our lives; it’s all around us. So, while some people may think that reporting on such topics as the latest pageant or celebrity breakup is unnecessary, I believe that it certainly has a place in the world of journalism.