Essay resonates in CNN forum


I recently happened upon an article written by a young girl in India on the CNN website, titled ‘My country’s problem with menstruation’ the article tackles taboos surrounding menstruation in India. Being a young Indian girl, this article resonated with me and there was a level of depth and understanding I derived from this that I do not normally experience with most news articles.

The essay by 18-year-old Anisha Bhavani was picked up from the iReport section of CNN, which essentially is a forum where you can share original essays exploring personal identity and the things that affect and eventually make up who we are.

For the first time, CNN picked up an essay from iReport and showcased it on its main website. This to me marked a major transition for online bloggers and young writers out there today. The fact that something written from the perspective of a young girl, still in college, showcasing an intimate and personal anecdote of what it means to be a young woman in India was taken seriously and posted on their main website speaks volumes.

It means that, in today’s world, young adults who have something to say, cannot only freely express themselves, but also be taken seriously.