Facebook faces password trouble


CNN Business posted an article on March 21 by Donie O’Sullivan and Kevin Collier. The article discusses how, once again, Facebook has made headlines concerning its staff. We’re told that Facebook staff had access to hundreds of millions of people’s passwords.

The article explained how users that were mostly affected were those using its Facebook Lite product, which is a simplified version of Facebook. This product serves to help users who experience slower internet connection.

I am honestly not surprised with the news of Facebook having hundreds of passwords. The internet is tricky and nothing is ever completely private. In a world like today with so much advanced technology, there is barely any space left for privacy. 

Although, this news does not look good for Facebook at all, especially, as mentioned in the article.The news comes days after the one-year anniversary of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This scandal revealed that Facebook shared the personal data of about 87 million users with a political data firm.

This latest news shows that we shouldn’t share anything too private not only on Facebook but any social media platform. You can never really know much private information is being looked at and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sullivan and Collier did a good job on this article by not making it too lengthy and getting to the point in a quick but efficient manner. They also attached a video explaining the situation in more detail.