Father tracks illegal immigrant accidents


Fox News published an online article on Wednesday about a man who’s making it his mission to calculate deaths caused by illegal immigrant drivers after an unlicensed Honduran immigrant killed his son in 2010.

Since the accident, Don Rosenberg claims to have calculated and estimated that illegal immigrants are responsible for half of the fatalities in accidents involving unlicensed drivers. He also started a website for his findings and regularly posts petitions to the site.

Journalist Hollie McKay, who wrote the article, also added a story about a 32-year-old police officer who was killed by an illegal, unlicensed immigrant in 2014.

Fox is the only news network to do a follow-up on these stories, and it is likely because it aligns with the network’s political stance.

Moreover, it’s difficult for me to tell which facts within the article are confirmed and which are mere guesses. McKay uses vague phrases like “critics say,” but she never actually identifies said critics, which makes the argument less convincing as a reader.

I am aware that Fox News is known for its conservative agenda and consumers should expect that, but I also think it’s important for the journalists of any network to not make that agenda so extremely obvious.

Journalism, at its core, is about reporting the issues in order to inform people, and being unbiased in that reporting is imperative for maintaining credibility.

However, I think these basic standards should trickle down into all parts of a journalist’s job. Balance should not only be present in the end products like articles and television segments, but it should also be a factor in choosing what to report in the first place.

Unfortunately, bias is inevitable with certain networks, but it’s important for those networks to, at the very least, make their political affiliations a bit subtler.