American woman visits 196 nations


An American woman, Cassie De Pecol, traveled to 196 countries in the duration of 18 months and 26 days. As she traveled to every country in the world, she explained how she was so overwhelmed with the variety of culture she was able to experience. Her goal was also to promote peace in her “own small way” within the people considering everything that is going on in the world right now.

Covered by CNN, they explained that Cassie broke an all-time record for the amount of time it took the previous record breaking traveler to travel around the entire world. Most news coverage now is about Trump and executive matters as well as sports and celebrity concerns.

However, this is highly commendable and should have received a lot more coverage than it did considering it was such a remarkable deed. Other news has been overshadowing minor news that deserves recognition as well. Although I am not sure how much coverage the previous record-breaking traveler received, I’m almost sure it was exceptionally more than Cassie.

Also considering that she is the first female to do so, it should ignite much more reason to want to cover such a story in depth on a much broader spectrum across conventional news media.