Free agency frenzy returns to NFL


Every off-season period in the NFL brings something new.

Free agency is a time where fans can get a sliver of of hope that the new players signed to their team can make a championship impact.

If you go back two years ago, the biggest signing was Ndamukong Suh who, at the time, signed the biggest free agent contract ever for a defensive player with Miami. Moves like this generate great excitement towards a franchise. It gives fans hope that this will be the move to carry their teams to the title. Championships are usually won in April via the draft, but with good spending in free agency, teams can set up a nice future.

News media coverage of free agent seems to grow more and more each season. With NFL insiders like Adam Schefter and Jeff Ian Rapoport, it is always fun when they break news.

ESPN even runs an entire special show devoted to free agent signings. It is what fans want. They want to see what team got who to help improve them at a certain position. Guys like Schefter and Rapoport are always answering the phone on air to break news. As a fan, I want max coverage. Twitter is now the go to source to break news. When a big story breaks, Twitter seems to have the details and reactions first.

The NFL free agency frenzy is upon us. Fans, teams and even the news media are starting to feel the excitement, yet the pressure that builds up with free agency.