Freelancing: Start a journalism career


A computer. A topic. That’s all you need to come up with a story. And that’s all the tools journalists essentially make use of during the writing process.

So if it’s that simple; can anyone do it? Am I up for a journalism work position then? And the answer is that, in theory, yes.

Anyone can call themselves a journalist. First, because we are all able to come up with stories, thus making us attractive employable material for the newsrooms, which is always in need for material to add onto their publications.

Here the birth of this popular trend; an amazing way to make a couple extra bucks; not to mention under your own rules.

Becoming a freelance journalist is essentially being self-employed; being your own boss. You send your work to whichever publication you want to write for and you are paid for each piece of writing that is published.

So why is it popular? There are no rules or qualifications for entry. Even if you don’t have the experience. Or the degree that reads “Bachelor in Communications” (sorry for that four year college expenditure. Ouch!) All you need is a website and a LinkedIn account (Contacts darling!), an interesting story to report about and mad writing skills. With these, you’ll certainly be successful and even to prevail in the industry up to the point where you can make a living out of only freelancing gigs. In other words; “Your hobby can become your career.”

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About Domenica Leone

Domenica Leone is a sophomore at the University of Miami double majoring in broadcast journalism and media management with a minor in marketing. Leone, 19, graduated from Unidad Educativa Bilingue Delta in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She had the second highest grade point average in her class -19.71 in a 20 point scale- and was recognized as the best student in English. She was on the swimming team and competed in several interscholastic championships including one in Piura, Peru. She served in student government as treasurer and public relation officer. She was a writer and editor for the Estudiantes 2000, a newspaper for students throughout Guayaquil. As a senior she was the co-master of ceremonies of her school’s annual sport field day. She studied English in Boston and on Victoria Island in British Columbia and French in Paris. Before beginning at the University of Miami Leone earned 15 credits at a branch of Broward College, a Florida school, in Guayaquil. Leone studied dance from the time she was four years old. She is certified to teach tap dancing. For three years she has been training at a gymnastics school that models itself on Cirque du Soleil. During summer 2014, Leone interned on ''Expreso'' , an Ecuadorian newspaper of high repute.She was also invited on a couple of occasions to co host an entertainment radio show.