Grindr used in HIV self-testing


A dating app for gay men known as Grindr was found to be an effective way to give out HIV self-tests.

A recent study included mostly black and Hispanic men in Los Angeles. The area in Los Angeles is known as a high-risk population for HIV.

Most gay-related and HIV-related stigma do not have access to good health care. This is return keeps men from getting tested.

According to Dr. A. Lina Rosengren, author of the study and an infectious diseases fellow at the University of North Carolina, the study shows that “not only are the home test kits convenient, they can help bypass some of those stigmas by providing anonymity.”

All users have to do is swab their gums with the oral fluid kit and find out their results in about 20 minutes.

If the user find that their results are positive then they should go get blood tested to reassure their results.

Researchers have offered free access to these at home tests through ads and notifications on the Grindr app.

Researchers chose Grindr because it is very popular among gay men especially in Los Angeles.

“The app attracts two million daily active users in 192 countries,” according to its website.

HIV and Aids are serious issues specifically for gay men. It is very important that people get tested as soon as possible.

Because of the lack of health care among gay men, it is hard for these men to get tested or seek proper care.

With this new addition to Grindr men can now test themselves in the comfort of their own home.