Is Tom Brady the greatest of all-time?


Most sixth round draft choices fail to make a team in the NFL. But in 2000, a gangly looking kid from the University of Michigan secured a spot on the depth chart as the No. 3 quarterback on the New England Patriots.

Fast forward 17 years, that man is now the most-decorated quarterback in NFL history and possibly the greatest player of all-time. After leading the most historic comeback ever, Tom Brady became the first quarterback to win five Super Bowls, he is a four-time Super Bowl MVP (more career Super Bowl MVP awards than any other player in NFL history), holds the record for most career wins by a quarterback (208), and the list of accolades goes on and on.

Yet, people still argue that Tom Brady isn’t the greatest quarterback let alone greatest player of all-time. Numbers speaking, Tom Brady is far and away the greatest postseason player in NFL history, but what about the regular season?

Yes, Peyton Manning holds the regular season record for most career passing yards and most career touchdown passes, but how many rings has Manning won? The first overall selection in the 1998 draft won two Super Bowl championships.

“Hey, but Tom Brady has better talent around him than Peyton Manning,” some people may claim. False.

Peyton Manning played with Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison and soon-to-be Canton shrined Reggie Wayne.

Tom Brady just won a Super Bowl with a wide receiving core of Julian Edelman (college quarterback), Danny Amendola (undrafted free agent), Chris Hogan (four-year lacrosse player at Penn State) and rookie Malcolm Mitchell.

When you talk about doing it with a near-anonymous cast, look at Brady. Outside of Randy Moss, you won’t find a Hall of Famer in the bunch. And when he did play with Moss, he threw 50 touchdown passes and went 16-0.

Nobody has done it better. For 15-plus years, Brady has played with no-namers making them heads and shoulders better. Extremely better. And now he stands as the most decorated QB in NFL history and has done so in an era that strives to wipe out dynasties. Defying the odds and all the challenges laid in front of him, including Roger Goodell, Tom Brady has secured himself as the greatest player in NFL history. Period.