Kacey Musgraves pays tribute to Selena


Kacey Musgraves paid tribute to her fellow Texan and icon, Selena Quintanilla in Houston earlier this week.

Almost exactly 24 years after the late Tejano singer performed her last live and broadcast concert, the Grammy-winning country star covered one of the adored singer’s most popular songs at the same exact venue.

Musgraves, 30, was scheduled to appear last Monday at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the NRG Astrodome. She performed many of her hit singles, including songs from her Grammy-wining album “Golden Hour”, prior to surprising fans with Quintanilla’s song “Como La Flor”. Quintanilla, known simply as Selena, performed at the then Houston Astrodome on Feb. 26, 1995. Over a month later, on March 31, 1996, she was then murdered by Yolanda Saldívar, her former fan club president. Selena was 23 at her untimely death.

Musgraves posted about her performave on Tuesday on to her Instagram stories. She wrote “24 years ago Selena performed her last concert here. It was a dream of mine to be able to pay my respects to her iconic legacy.”

Musgraves also tweeted about the event on her twitter account. She wrote “Houston Rodeo! My Texan dreams came true last night. It was everything to me” in one tweet and then “Siempre Selena” in another, attached with a link to a video of her covering the song.

This caught the attention of Suzette Quintanilla, the late singer’s sister, who posted a clip of the performance on her own Instagram. “Awww this makes me wanna shed a tear! Takes me back,” the caption read. “A Big Big Thank you @spaceykacey for the love at the Houston Rodeo tonite with that SELENA Y LOS DINOS Jam!”

Fans all over the world praised Musgraves performance of all social media platforms.

I am glad this topic was covered because I am a big Kacey Musgraves fan and I absolutely love Selena’s music. Likewise, I am glad that all the articles I read mentioned the fact that Selena’s sister acknowledged Kacey’s tribute. Personally, I believe it made the occasion that much more special to Musgraves and the fans that were in attendance.