Las Vegas: A change in this country


The world is changing and not for the better.

There’s a desensitization among people; parents do not raise their children as they should, with many of them losing their values as they grow… if they even had any to begin with.

If a family doesn’t guide you, you will never grow up to become a true and proper person; without a proper moral compass, you will pick and choose at your own whim, potentially being influenced from the wrong people.

Part of the problem seems to be the issue of culture; we are desensitized to problems that we do not acknowledge as negative; we simply choose to accept them as a part of our everyday lives. Gun violence is perhaps the most notable of them, as we believe that it is something that comes with our rights. The Second Amendment itself is embedded into the Constitution; however, it is sometimes abused by many in power.

The leaders of our country do nothing to stop this; some of them pander to the gun lobbies, while others dismiss claims of the problem outright. The end result is that while we all agree that there are problems, we are not doing anything to solve them.

We should be talking and discussing about how to make our country better; instead, we resort to childish insults and raucous conversation, disregarding all viable discussion for petty arguments.

After the shooting in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean wrote that “something has changed in this country.” Looking at the state of society, it’s hard to argue against this.