Late night hosts announce departures


Last week the entertainment world was left gasping when two of their best comedians announced departures from their beloved networks.

David Letterman, a long-time favorite around the world, told the public he will be retiring from his “Last Night” show on CBS.

In addition, the first and possibly most successful female comedy show host, Chelsea Handler, shocked the public with her exodus from the E! Network.

The perfect timing seems to be causing suspicion.

Before Letterman’s announced retirement, Handler has reportedly shot down CBS’s offer to take over Craig Ferguson’s 12:30 a.m. slot. However, after the retirement of Letterman, Handler is supposedly back in consideration with CBS.

This possibility has caused a lot of media attention.

If Handler does take this position, she will become the first female late-night show host, since Cynthia Garrett’s short stint in 2000-01.

Controversy arose in two forms. One direction, is the fear that if Handler leaves the E! Network, and neglects to take a late night job at CBS, she is leaving the late night field completely male dominated.

Another direction of controversy in the media is that of ancient perspective. Many people have expressed their dismay of a woman taking over this previously male heavy field. They fear she will add too much sex appeal to the show. And her raunchy personality, opening up fairly easily about her drug and alcohol abuse, may be too much for this broadcast network.

Is it okay that people in this day and age are still forming their opinions over someone’s sex?

Whether or not, the fulfillment of Letterman’s position, be Handler, or Howard Stern, or any other man, will no doubt be a large topic of media attention.