Make NBA basketball fun again


Imagine Magic Johnson flying across the country to Boston and teaming up with Larry Bird to create a tandem that no one would be able to stop.

Imagine Michael Jordan, the one that they say is the greatest player of all time, leaving in free agency to join the team he could not beat in the playoffs in the Detroit Pistons.

Super teams in this new NBA are killing the sport. So many fans of the game have refused to watch this season until the inevitable Cavs-Warriors finals happens. Teams like the early 2000s Detroit Pistons or 2008 Boston Celtics were perfectly constructed with the right element of trades, drafting and free agent signings. Never did Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett choose to be traded to Boston nor did they lose to Boston in the playoffs the year before.

For those that argue about Lebron James leaving for the Miami Heat, he never lost to the Heat and took a sizeable pay cut to win.

Now, we look at the team that is the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant took a near max deal to join with the already favorite to win the Western Conference to form a super team. And next season, he will take a max along with Steph Curry.

Lebron left Miami to go to a team who already had a young super star and traded for another superstar big man.

Basketball is no longer fun to follow due to these super teams. I cannot watch a sport knowing my team will not even win in the playoffs because The Finals have been set for three straight seasons now.

I challenge Commissioner Adam Silver to make NBA basketball fun again. Spread out the talent so that we the fans who pay our hard earned money can feel the rush and excitement once again.