News media say ‘protect trans kids’


Earlier this week, President Donald Trump’s administration took back a policy that allowed transgender children in public schools to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify with. This policy originated in then-President Obama’s administration to protect trans kids on a federal level.

Now that this policy has been taken away, it is up to state government to manage the safety of transgender individuals.

The U.S. Supreme Court in March will be hearing a case that’s result will affect the future of the transgender community. The case involves a 17-year-old who is fighting to use the boy’s restroom at his public school in Virginia.

Without Obama’s reasoning, Title IX, all previous cases involving transgender people and bathrooms are being brought into legal questioning.

Many news media outlets, such as the Huffington Post and the Guardian covered this major event by Trump’s administration. Both articles stressed that it’s up to the public to educate itself and to stand up for minority groups whose voices cannot be heard.

Celebrities and other social media influencers responded to this event on Instagram and Twitter by posting a picture of the words “protect trans kids.” This small act done by many people quickly spread the word.

I think there is an under representation on the issue at hand in the news media.