Michael who? The news cycle moves on


Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney, and self-proclaimed “fixer” testified before Congress last week and it already feels like a month ago.

With Donald Trump in the White House and a news cycle that seems to move so rapidly, major news events seem to come and go quickly. Remember the Kavanaugh nomination? It may feel like it’s been years since his appointment, but it was only a few months ago.

There may be other reasons why the Cohen testimony feels already like so long ago. While a fast-moving news cycle is partly to blame, the main reason is simply: it wasn’t much of a story.

Democrats were thrilled to grill Cohen, hoping he would give them the incriminating evidence about the president they have been longing for. Unfortunately, Cohen did not bring them much.

While much of the information Cohen shared was embarrassing for the president, it was not illegal. Cohen told stories of Trump demanding that he threaten schools not to release his grades. He also told a story of a time an oil painting of Trump was being auctioned off. Trump instructed Cohen to send a fake bidder to bid on an oil painting of himself, telling the bidder to make sure it sold for more than the other paintings.

While the information is damaging, it isn’t anything most Americans don’t already know about the president. He is a narcissist, dishonest and always tried to pay as little taxes as possible. Again, not illegal and nothing we haven’t heard before.

Democrats are desperately searching for their golden ticket to impeach President Trump and, unfortunately for them, Cohen is not it.