Missouri students vs. President Wolfe


Student and faculty protests have come to an end after University of Missouri’s President Timothy Wolfe resigned on Monday.

The school’s distress over how the president has responded to racist incidents on campus has caused Wolfe to step down. Protesters say there have been a series of bias events that the president did not take seriously.

For example, in early October, at the Homecoming Parade, Wolfe avoided the student group, Legion of Black Collegians. Activists say he was dismissive to them regarding the homecoming rehearsal, when a white man interrupted their meeting and used racial slurs. Later that month, another incident occurred, someone used human feces to create a swastika on a wall in one of the residence halls.

Recently, graduate student, Jonathan Butler, held a publicized hunger strike, saying that he would not eat until Wolfe was out of office. On Saturday the school’s football team, with the coach’s approval, announced that they refused to play until Jonathan Butler ended his hunger strike. The football boycott drew national attention, as forfeiting the team’s game would cost the university $1 million.

On Monday, amid escalating protests over the school’s racism and after the Missouri Students Association called for Wolfe’s removal, Wolfe resigned.

The Missouri athletic director, Mack Rhoades, and head football coach, Gary Pinkel, said that all football activities would resume Tuesday.

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