MLB’s Chief Wahoo logo under fire


The Cleveland Indians are undergoing some changes this season. After 100 years of sporting Chief Wahoo, the red-faced Indian logo is going to be removed.

Native Americans have been protesting the caricature since the 1970s and every opening day for 20 years there has been a protest, but only now their voices are being heard.

Native American activist Sundance told Cleveland’s Newsradio WTAM 1100, that the character is a biased and harmful stereotype which is very humiliating to their culture. He said no one would consider calling the team the Jews, even though it’s owned by Paul Dolan.

For obvious reasons, this logo is offensive. But the news media seem to shrug it off. Very few news outlets have barely covered the fact that this is still happening. These protests are happening and need to be reported.

This country is facing racial turmoil again and every news outlets seem to cover protests when African Americans are fighting for equality. How about the Native Americans who were kicked out of there country and murdered all those years ago?

It’s not fair to selectively cover racism in the country, whether this protest happens every year or every week. News coverage does not and should not have a hidden agenda and ignore the problems that are happening in the country. Especially when a major league baseball team is profiting from the stereotyping of a race.

News outlets need to report things fairly, especially racial tensions.