New quartet releases ‘Taki Taki’ single


DJ Snake collaborated with a Latino rapper Ozuna to make a banger, “Taki Taki,” but he wasn’t the only one on the track. Cardi B was put into the track alongside Selena Gomez to add the female Latina vibe.

According to E! News, DJ Snake wanted a “reggaetón, club record” and he knew having Ozuna on the record was going to be an amazing collaboration. That wasn’t enough for DJ Snake, He wanted to add more of a spice to the track and so he did.

Dj Snake told Billboard, “and then I wanted more females on the record — and Spanish-speaking, you know?” and that is where both Cardi B and Selena Gomez came into play.

All the artists on this track really made the collaboration sound it like it was meant to happen. They track flows smoothly from artist to artist making the track sound seamless not one artist out shinning another.

Dj Snake told E! News, “two queens right here. That’s what I wanted to do, and they blessed me with this greatness and dope energy. Selena and Cardi is a great combo.”

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if a collab with the Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B and Pop-sensation, Selena Gomez came to the horizon.

Taki Taki is already No. 27 in the Billboard Hot 100s and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it reaches No. 1 in a couple of weeks.