No more bad news for Derrick Rose


Chicago’s all-star point guard, Derrick Rose, made his return in the Bulls’ preseason opener after 526 days. Rose tore his ACL on April 28, 2012, and suffered a rather slow recovery.

Sports reporters and many basketball fans complained that Rose was taking too much time off the court. His doctor had cleared Rose to play at the end of the season, but Rose decided not to rush his situation.

Brent Barry and numerous other reporters have called Rose the “ultimate competitor.” Many agree that Rose was not being selfish and that it must have been difficult for him to watch the team struggle in his absence.

Conversely, some critics believed Rose should have returned shortly after his clearance. However, he did not play. When the bulls needed support in the post season, many complained that Rose should have felt obliged to step in.

During the NBA playoffs, Charles Barkley explained on Bleacher Report, “Derrick Rose has been practicing with no limitations; he should have been playing two months ago.”

Despite previous gossip about Rose, On October 5th, Sports Center explained how the start of a new season felt like a new begging for Derrick Rose. He put an end to the negative reports when he scored eleven points in the first half.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Rose explained that he “had no nerves and didn’t want to get caught up in the hype of the situation.” The 2011 MVP felt the game was a step in the path towards being ready for the regular season. It’s exciting to hear more positive news about Derrick Rose.

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