No respect so far for an all-time great


Peyton Manning is a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. After playing 18 years in the league at such an elite level, it would seem ridiculous to challenge his abilities after two weeks in which his team went 2-0, but that is exactly what is happening.

The news media climate around football is that of a feeding frenzy. Whatever hot take a media member can present, or bold prediction they can make for later on in the season will be consumed by one of the hundreds of millions of avid football fans in the United States.

This is why Peyton Manning is such a story currently. After two less-than-impressive games, many of the talking heads in the media have deemed his career over citing his decline in grip and arm strength as the main reasons.

While many media members can make a valid argument for why Peyton Manning is declining, whether it is arm strength, injuries catching up with him, or simply old age, it seems as if the media is forcing the argument.

With all this being said, here are the reasons why saying Peyton Manning is done is a bad idea:

  • He is just one year older than Tom Brady who won the Super Bowl last year using a dink and dunk passing attack very similar to Peyton Manning’s.
  • He is recovering from an injury to his quad, neck, and fingers.
  • His team is 2-0 after the first two weeks.

Peyton Manning is certainly winding down his career. But for the news media to count him out so early is a mistake that is a result of the constant hot take climate today’s media has created.