Refugee comes to the rescue


With Donald Trump on television, in newspapers, on Twitter, etc., and screaming out horrible things about immigrants and Syrian refugees, it seems rare to find positive publicity about these victims. I feel that many Americans fear influxes of refugees and dislike Middle Eastern immigrants because they have preconceived notions about their culture, religion, etc.

For that reason, it is a breath of fresh air to read an article that the BBC recently published highlighting a moment of camaraderie between a Syrian refugee and his new Canadian neighbor.

The article paints Ibrahim Dudu as a hero after coming to the rescue when the zipper on his neighbor’s bridesmaid dress broke. As a tailor, Dudu was able to help the woman in a kind act. According to the BBC, Dudu recently came to Canada without speaking a word of English in order to escape the violence of his country.

Though this event is not earth shattering and doesn’t affect many people at all, I appreciate that the BBC is making it a point to publish positivity that has come from accepting Syrian refugees.

In this upcoming election, many Americans are letting fear and Islamophobia overpower their sense of humanity and empathy for refugees of the Middle East. If American news networks would share light-hearted stories like the one of Dudu, many people could more easily see that refugees should not be vilified.