Reporter too attractive for athletes?


Katarina Sreckovic, a 25-year-old sports reporter, found herself in some sort of trouble with the Red Star Belgrade soccer club for distracting its players while reporting on the sideline.

“I admit it was a problem at the start, but I think they’ve got used to me now. It was tough, though, because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all,” Sreckovic told CEN“I was also asked to go away a couple of times because I was a distraction on the pitch and players complained that they couldn’t concentrate.”

This is ridiculous to me because as long as Sreckovic (or any other “attractive” reporter) is doing her job, strictly reporting, being professional and not doing anything purposely to distract these athletes, then she is in good standing. Maybe The Red Star Belgrade soccer club needs to focus more on its players and making sure their heads are in the game, rather than sitting there, checking out the reporter.

Also, the fact that the players complained that they are incapable of concentrating is astounding. They must be hormonal teenagers seeing a woman for the very first time. These players either do not care about the game or are just very immature.

Sreckovic worked very hard to keep her job because, according to her, it is her “dream job.” In my opinion, she should not have to sacrifice her dream job for some men that cannot seem to control themselves.