Republicans uneasy with Trump


After the London Bridge attacks, President Trump lashed out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, claiming that Khan told citizens not to be alarmed about terrorism and the U.S. Justice Department is pushing a politically correct version of his policy of the travel ban.

Top officials from the White House have suggested to the president that he should not be arguing but to no avail as he continues to brush them off and do what he wants.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House principle deputy press secretary, was asked if the president’s tweets were being vetted by lawyers or aides.

“Not that I’m aware of,” she said at the daily press briefing on Monday.

As Trump continues to engage the news with the anticipated public testimony of former FBI directer James B. Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee coming up Thursday, many Republicans are neither surprised nor easy and are already nervous about the questions that wait for them after the hearing and expect criticism from Democrats.

Some even fear that Trump will make things worse.

“It’s a distraction, and he needs to focus. Every day and moment he spends on anything other than a rising economy is a waste that disrupts everything,” said former Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett.

I honestly don’t blame them for being so afraid and nervous. He’s back to the old Trump from his presidential campaign, throwing tantrums worse than my neighbor’s almost two-year-old child because people are disagreeing with him and he’s not getting what he wants. He has to understand that the world does not always revolve around him, even as president of the United States.