Should college athletes get paid?


This is one of the biggest discussions involving college athletes today. The average athletic scholarship over the course of four years is valued at more than $100,000.  But the scholarship doesn’t put money in athlete’s pockets for food and clothing.

Being a student-athlete is a full time job. You have workouts or practice before classes begin, and are expected to pay attention through three and sometimes four classes in a row. Then after we have to lift weights and go to mandatory study hall. Our day starts at the crack of dawn and usually ends when it’s dark. We give up going home for holidays and summer break for competition and practices.

A student athlete gets exploited to bring money to the school by playing games. Athletes can’t earn money by signing autographs, but NCAA executives make millions of dollars. The NCAA and CBS signed a $10.8 billion television agreement over 14 years.

I believe student athletes should profit off of being a member of a collegiate athletic team. The little money we would profit would be nowhere near what executives make, but it would help us with extra expenses not detailed in an athletic scholarship.

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