Harvey jokes about Flint water crisis


Steve Harvey has become the talk of the town once again, this time for his insensitive jokes about the Flint, Mich., water crisis.

Flint, as you probably know, has now surpassed its 1,000th day without clean water. Flint’s residents to this day still have to use bottled water for everything from drinking, to cooking, and even bathing.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA championship, a caller, from Flint, made a comment on Harvey’s national radio show. The caller supposedly said that the Cavaliers “didn’t deserve jack.” Harvey — a Cavaliers fan — didn’t appreciate the caller’s comments and responded by saying “That’s why y’all ain’t even got clean water.” He continued with “When was the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?” The co-hosts of the radio show gasped and followed with laughter. Harvey then ended his rant by saying “enjoy your nice brown glass of water.”

Harvey has been under fire from critics on Twitter about his insensitive comments and it is said that the city’s mayor, Karen Weaver, who has appeared on Harvey’s show to discuss the crisis in the past, wants an apology from Harvey. Harvey insists the comments were just trash talk and not malicious.