Fighting causes student’s death


According to CNN news, a South Carolina student died after a fight with another student in the classroom. The students’ families are trying to figure out this incident.

According to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, Raniya had a physical altercation with another girl. Authorities did not publicize the names of the students because they are younger than 17. Raniya was described as a good student who loved to write, play basketball and spend time with her friends.

The report stated that when first responders arrived, the student was on the nurse’s station with breathing. Then she was taken to the medical center and then airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Health in Charleston.

After the conflict, school administrators secured the scene immediately, they ended the fight and called emergency medical services to the school. 

This incident influenced Raniya’s family. Ashley Wright, Raniya’s parents were saddened and they were planning her funeral on Thursday.

A school board member decided to do some research and a survey, trying to find any avenues that can help solve these problems so that they can make campus life safer. William Bowman, a school board member said, “we would continue to do the survey and got funds to apply different safety measures or needed safety measures.”