Suicide is never entertainment


Fox News posted a tragic story today about a woman, Tiziana Cantone, who committed suicide after being bullied and slut shamed for her leaked sex tape.

Cantone’s case exemplifies the harmful effect of bullying in society as well as the risks of sharing personal matters with others electronically.

While I was appalled at the story itself and the sad loss of life, I was practically just as disturbed about the fact that I found this article on the entertainment page of Fox News’s website.

In my opinion, if a news network has an entertainment section it should be reserved for interesting stories that are offbeat, funny and/or about celebrities. An article about the suicide of a young woman should not be included.

Allocating this article to the entertainment section almost seems like further slut shaming of the victim by Fox News itself. It’s as if the network wants to portray that the Cantone’s death is entertaining because she got what she deserved for stupidly making a sex tape in the first place.

On CNN’s website, I read an unrelated article today about the recent suicide of 9-year-old Jackson Grubb in West Virginia.  He too killed himself after harassment from bullies, just like Cantone. While this equally heartbreaking event with similarities to the Cantone story was nowhere to be found on Fox News’s website, I am certain that if Fox had posted the article, the network never would have put it on the entertainment page.