Taylor Swift encourages fans to vote


On Sunday, Oct. 7, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to show her support for the Democratic Party. Swift, a Tennessee resident, endorsed Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper, who are running for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

At the same time, Swift condemned Bredesen’s senate race rival, Republican Marsha Blackburn, saying the politician’s voting record “appalls and terrifies” her.

Swift, who has kept to herself regarding politics in the past, did not shy away from voicing her opinion this time around.

Swift concluded her post with a plea to her fans urging them to register to vote before the upcoming deadline, as well as educate themselves on current issues and the candidates who are running in their states.

According to VOTE.org, there was a significant increase in voter registration after Swift’s post. However, CNN and The Washington Post pointed out that there is usually an influx of people registering to vote right before the deadline, so it is difficult to completely credit Swift with that.

An article from The Atlantic downplayed the power of Swift’s message, saying that it has generated too much press for it being just a basic message and that fans are just caught up in her celebrity.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, Swift took the opportunity to voice her political opinion yet again at the American Music Awards while accepting the award for artist of the year.

“I just wanted to make a mention of the fact that this award and every single award given out tonight were voted on by the people. And you know what else is voted on by the people? The midterm elections on Nov. 6. Get out and vote,” she said.