Taylor Swift’s stalker breaks in, again


Last Thursday, a Taylor Swift-obsessed stalker was arrested in New York City again after being released from jail just 30 days prior for committing the same crime: breaking into her home.

Roger Alvarado, a 23-year-old Florida native, allegedly climbed a ladder and broke a glass door to get inside of Swift’s townhouse at around 2:30 a.m., police said.

According to sources, the pop star was out of town at the time and so police were alerted to the singer’s apartment by its automated security system. The sources also added that Alvarado did not steal anything from the property.

Alvarado, who is on probation after getting out of jail Feb. 5, has since been charged with stalking, burglary and felony criminal contempt for violating an order of protection.

This is, at least, the third time he has been arrested at Swift’s home.

In the previous break-in, which happened last April, police say Alvarado used Swift’s shower and slept in her bed. This offense is what sent him to jail for more than nine months and as part of the sentence, the judge ordered him to complete a mental-health program.

But two months before that, Alvarado was arrested for reportedly breaking Swift’s front door with a shovel.

In my opinion, I believe these situations occur more frequently because of websites and tabloids. They dedicate themselves to exposing celebrities and putting their last bits of privacy, like their personal home addresses, out for everyone to see at a grander scale. I think there should be more caution on what is reported on, in order to make sure public figures aren’t placed in even more danger.