Teen found may be boy missing 8 years


CNN posted an article titled, “Teen found wandering in Kentucky says he escaped kidnappers after 7 years,” written by Faith Karimi and Holly Yan.

The article summarizes the story of Timmothy Pitzen. A 6-year-old that disappeared almost eight years ago after his mother committed suicide in a motel room. She left a note saying her son was with people who loved him. “You’ll never find him” she noted.

The article notes how the mother struggled with depression. Her marriage was failing and her biggest fear was to have her son taken from her due to her mental health issues. One can assume this is why she didn’t let the boy stay with the father, maybe in a way she was jealous. 

Now years later Timmothy has possibly appeared again. The article explains how police in Illinois are currently waiting for DNA test results to see if this teenager really is Timmothy Pitzen.

I find it really important for the news to share a story like this one because sometimes people don’t tend to take mental health seriously. These are some of the consequences when you don’t. Some people don’t understand that having a mental health disorder that is not treated will begin to consume and change you, the worst part is that you won’t even notice. 

I want to believe this teen is Timmothy and I hope to hear the rest of the story. His family never stopped looking for him for years.