Boeing loses large 737 Max order


According to the CNN news, Indonesian airline has canceled its $4.9 billion order for the Boeing 737 Max.

“Boeing 737 Max has happened plane cash twice and caused death in less than five months,” said Indonesian airline Garuda. Indonesia lion air happened crashing in October 2018, killing all 189 people aboard. An Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crashed earlier this month and 157 people were killed.

People are afraid to fly on a Boeing 737 Max. Passengers have lost their confidence in Boeing. The Indonesian airline ordered 50 planes in 2014. It has already taken one of the planes, but the airline stated that it no longer want to receive any other 737 Max planes.

According to the black box data and physical evidence, there were similarities in the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes. Boeing company has developed a software patch and pilot training program to solve this problem.

These incidents have been a blow to Boeing. The plane has been grounded worldwide and Boeing also lost money.